Cormac McCarthy

At the liquor store, the guy in front of me pointed to the book that the kid behind the counter was reading. “Some real deep reading there.” She held up Jung – “Yeah, as deep as it gets.” She turned around for another book, “But I’m reading this too, just to balance it out.” Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The guy laughs and says “Yeah, great, I’m reading Cormac McCarthy right now.” “Oh – who’s that?” “Oh, you know, No Country for Old Men; The Road…” “Hmm, yeah I’ve heard of The Road.” The guy smiles. “Oh yeah, it’s one of the best books I’ve read,” but his girlfriend says “Oh wow, the movie was so dark,” and he agrees – “Yeah, read the book, the movie is really really dark.”



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2 responses to “Cormac McCarthy

  1. reneethewriter

    I feel about The C the way I do about the Cohen (sp?) Brothers: mixed; wary about his and their “fashionability.” As for that woman Austen and her P & P, well, you know I guess I need rehablitation. Also, re The C, there’s that praise heaped on him my John Banville, he of The Sea. And then as I write this, that quip from Banville in one of last year’s Paris Review interviews, something about “the sentence being the greatest gift of western civilization to ‘mankind.” Ack-ity-ack-ack. Immediately after reading The C’s The Road, I reached for Woolf’s Lighthouse, then Beckett’s The Unnameable. Was it last summer I wrote to you that Beckett’s prose in The Unnameable, and his plot (?) and style in Malone and Molloy, makes McCarthy look like the choir boy he is. But who wants to be sure about these things? Who wants to take a stand?

  2. AvB

    this post made me smile.

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