Utility Reading

Part of living alone is sleeping alone and after six years of uncoordinated sleeping schedules I am reading in bed. And then there is this: Will the iPad mess with your sleep?

Who are these people, the iReader people. I’m not out of step here, I feel; the kids aren’t ahead of me on this one. The guys on the SkyTrain reading Kindles are guys with haircuts and hair gel and briefcases, guys who are older than me and less cool, if I may. The kids are reading books, mostly novels, mostly pocketbooks or trade paperbacks. And these older guys are reading Kindles on the SkyTrain and they don’t look happy. I’m not trying to claim causation here, I don’t mean to say that reading on a Kindle makes you unhappy. But maybe, the less happy you are to be reading in the first place, the happier you’ll be with a Kindle?

Joel and I were at St Augustine’s to watch the last Montreal-Washington game and in front of us was a table of guys having a ‘meetup,’ a table of strangers there to meet the author, it turned out, of a book called Make Money Online. He was sitting near the middle of the table and his photo was on the back of the book, a slim paperback thing. Everyone brought their copy. Utility reading: reading as a means to an end. Reading to make money online.


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