New Books, August 2010

  • Paul Auster, Moon Palace (1989)
  • Paul Auster, The Invention of Solitude (1982)
  • Mike Davis, Dead Cities (2002)
  • Graham Greene, The Ministry of Fear (1943)
  • Rohinton Mistry, A Fine Balance (1995)
  • Lydia Millet, Oh Pure and Radiant Heart (2005)
  • Arthur Phillips, Prague (2002)
  • John Leland, Hip: The History (2004)
  • Tracy Kidder, The Soul of a New Machine (1981)
  • Cliff Stoll, The Cuckoo’s Egg: Tracking A Spy Through the Maze of Computer Espionage (1989)
  • Elizabeth Royte, Garbageland: On The Secret Trail of Trash (2005)
  • Siri Hustvedt, What I Loved (2003)
  • Teri Hein, Atomic Farmgirl: Growing Up Right In The Wrong Place (2000)
  • Graham Greene, The End of the Affair (1951)
  • Robert Lindsey, The Falcon and the Snowman: A True Story of Friendship and Espionage (1979)
  • Richard Rhodes, The Making of the Atomic Bomb (1986)

From PulpFiction on Main, Magus in Seattle, and Twice Told Tales in Seattle. I have already read three of these.



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3 responses to “New Books, August 2010

  1. Great photo, great list – yay Seattle. When you have a moment, please send out a list of all your fav Seattle bookstores.

    the poetry gods allowed me to indulge at Seattle’s Open Books – a poetry only bookstore.

    I like viewing your photos and lists of books purchased – soothes my panic about the number of books I “get” and then the feeling of looking at them as they sit in various piles around my office. I still am reading/have not read books from Xmas’09. Slow Slowly…

    • Really, the only Seattle bookstores I know are those mentioned, along with Left Bank Books, “Collectively Owned and Operated by its Workers Since 1973” at Pike Place Market. I went to the Twice Told Tales in Capitol Hill but there is another outlet in the University district, near Magus books.

      This summer, my book-buying has really outstripped my book-reading but then I don’t collect books to read immediately – it’s a longer-term investment. If I see a book that I might like to read in the next decade, I’d rather spend $10 now and have it sitting on hand than never see it again.

  2. Oh my. I’ll be in Portland next week, spending a few Hamiltons (is that right?) at Powell’s. Will report back with photo.

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