More New Books, August 2010

New Books in August

  • John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (2004) – memoir and expose.
  • Patricia Highsmith, Ripley Under Water (1991) – unfortunately I need to find three more books in this saga before I can read this, but at least it is on my shelf.
  • J.M. Coetzee, Elizabeth Costello (2004) – now my fifth unread book by JM Coetzee.
  • Paul Preston, The Spanish Civil War: Reaction, Revolution, and Revenge (1986, 3rd Ed 2006) – Something I know nothing about. Colouring in the map, slowly, slowly.
  • Siri Hustvedt, The Blindfold (1992) – A small little novel.
  • Anthony Swofford, Jarhead: A Marine’s Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles (2003) – Military memoir, a new genre for me.
  • Sharon Stratton, Between Forest and Sky: A Fire-Tower Journal (2006) – Life alone in an Alberta fire-tower.
  • David Shields, Reality Hunger: A Manifesto (2010) – This book is a big deal! Apparently. “…a rigorous and radical attempt to to reframe how we think about “truthiness,” literary license, quotation, appropriation.”
  • Faron Ellis, The Limits Of Participation: Members and Leaders in Canada’s Reform Party (2005) – Another entry in my Reform Party collection.
  • Eddie Goldenberg, The Way it Works: Inside Ottawa (2006) – My favourite era in Canadian politics is 1993-2004. When I 10 – 21 years old. Canada = Liberal majority government. The last six years(!) still feel like I am through the looking glass.
  • Francois Perrault, Inside Gomery (2006) – This was just $2!
  • Paul Wells, Right Side Up: The Fall of Paul Martin and the Rise of Steven Harper’s New Conservatism (2007) – I read this in 2007; now I have my own copy for posterity.
  • Daniel Gawthrop, The Rice Queen Diaries (2005) – He wrote the only good book about BC politics post-1991 and he lives in my riding too. This is his memoir about the “politics and pleasures of being a self-identified ‘rice queen’: a gay man who is attracted to Asians.”
  • Joe Sacco, Safe Area Goradze: The War In Eastern Bosnia, 1992-95 (2000) – I’ve never read ‘graphic novels’ or even comics for that matter. I have the great big Louis Riel book – I’ve had it on my shelf for six years now, I think – but I’ve never read it. Here is another book in comic format all about Bosnia. Another front from which to approach the world and the Balkans.

From 2004-2008 I read a lot of book about Canadian politics and Canada more generally (including Reign Of Error: The Troubled Leadership of John Turner and The Border: Dispatches from the 49th Parallel) but since I’ve been working in politics, I haven’t been reading these books at all. But I know, one day I’ll find something else to do with myself and get around to reading all these books again.


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