New books, September 2010

  • Rudyard Kipling, Kim (1901) – a classic in the genre of ‘Raj Lit.’ And although I’d been hoping to find a nicer edition, I realized that I was not seeing any editions whatsoever in any stores around the city so I took this old Penguin with an Edward Said introduction when I found it. From Macleod’s Books downtown.
  • Rebecca West, Black Lamb and Grey Falcon (1940) – the original and exhaustive Balkan travelogue, referenced over and over in my favourite Balkan travelogue, Balkan Ghosts by Robert Kaplan. From PulpFiction on Main.
  • Ian Fleming, Quantum of Solace: Complete James Bond Short Stories (1960-3) – Casino Royale was great so I am buying the full set in this edition as I find them. I can’t believe I didn’t read these before now. From PulpFiction on Main.
  • Joseph O’Neill, Netherland (2008) – At the counter both guys said ‘hey, that book is really great’ which was nice because I felt kinda silly buying a newer book for the sake of buying a newer book. Mostly because I don’t know the reference points and haven’t done the work to catch up to speed. How old does a book have to be to leave the zeitgeist and just sit on the shelf alone. From PulpFiction on Main.
  • Bret Easton Ellis, The Rules Of Attraction (1987) – What a great edition. I am still really interested in American Psycho, four months later. From PulpFiction on Main.
  • Bret Easton Ellis, Less Than Zero (1985) – I passed this edition by in May because I felt silly buying another book by an author I hadn’t read anything by. I regretted that choice because I didn’t see the same edition again until last week. From PulpFiction on Main.
  • Vladimir Nabokov, Laughter In The Dark (1938) – paired with Nothing More than Murder, the dark side of the pre-1950s film industry. From PulpFiction on Main.
  • Jim Thompson, Nothing More Than Murder (1949) – From PulpFiction on Main.
  • Raymond Chandler, The Simple Art of Murder (1934-50) – Short stories. From PulpFiction on Main.
  • Alan Furst, Night Soldiers (1988) – spies in 1940s Berlin. I have had another book, Blood of Victory, on my shelf for ages but I can’t get it started so I’ll try another route of attack. From PulpFiction in Kits.
  • Russell Smith, How Insensitive (1994) – What did I say about buying more books by an author I haven’t read. What a ridiculous plan. From Canterbury Tales in Kits.
  • Paul Halpern, Countdown to Apocalypse: A Scientific Exploration of the End of the World (1998) – “How will the world actually end?” From PulpFiction in Kits.
  • Michael Ignatieff, Virtual War: Kosovo and Beyond (2000) – More books on the Balkans. Starts with a quote from Gen. Wesley Clark: “This is not, strictly speaking, a war.” From PulpFiction on Main.
  • Mark Bowden, Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War (1999) – More on modern war. I couldn’t get through the movie; maybe the book is more my speed? From PulpFiction on Main.
  • The Dewdney Trail – BC’s Highway 3: Hope to Fort Steele (1987) – The Crowsnest Highway. From PulpFiction on Main.
  • Russell Smith, Girl Crazy (2010) – What if he is a terrible author? From PulpFiction in Kits.
  • Jim Silver, Thin Ice: Money, Politics, and the Demise of an NHL Franchise (1996) – all about the sad end of the Winnipeg Jets, written by a Winnipeg PoliSci professor. From Canterbury Tales in Kits.
  • Norman M Klein, The History of Forgetting: Los Angeles and the Erasure of Memory (1997) – More on LA, a place I’ve never been to. From PulpFiction on Main.

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